Why I Became a Tantric Masseuse?

1462649221_staff_524_572e418589120_tnIn my youth I was always labeled the rebel of the family. It wasn’t because I was reckless or rude but because I always questioned everything that was told to me and wanted to delve deeper into why things are the way they are. You could say I never saw an argument I couldn’t get into because I simply wanted to know more. This became apparent when in my formative years I began liking boys. I was often told not to approach men and let them approach me. It didn’t make any sense in my mind if I liked someone why I’d have to wait when they were clearly too shy to do anything other than stare at my hair the whole day!

When I went off to college I tried experimenting with my sex life but found that I had become bored with the typical positions and the typical empty sex. It wasn’t just empty with one night stands but empty with long time partners. I wanted more and I was determined to get more. I refused to believe that this was all that was out there, allowing myself to either be labeled too ‘easy’ or to somehow not be satisfied with my sex life.

My deep search took me to one day learning all about Tantra and the power that women seemed to have and yet were powerless to hone thanks to the standards western society had put on them. I began practicing the arts of Tantra and then started sharing my knowledge with the world. I had never felt so liberated, so open, so willing to experiment with my own sensual energy and to offer pleasure to those that had been just like me… lost and looking for a way to expand themselves sexually, sensually and just push the boundaries of what pleasure truly means. I love what I do and every days and every client teaches me something new. It’s amazing to break free and become sexually enlightened and completely happy and at home in my own skin and that’s when I found Minx Massage.

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