Why I Became a Tantric Masseuse?

1462649221_staff_524_572e418589120_tnIn my youth I was always labeled the rebel of the family. It wasn’t because I was reckless or rude but because I always questioned everything that was told to me and wanted to delve deeper into why things are the way they are. You could say I never saw an argument I couldn’t get into because I simply wanted to know more. This became apparent when in my formative years I began liking boys. I was often told not to approach men and let them approach me. It didn’t make any sense in my mind if I liked someone why I’d have to wait when they were clearly too shy to do anything other than stare at my hair the whole day!

When I went off to college I tried experimenting with my sex life but found that I had become bored with the typical positions and the typical empty sex. It wasn’t just empty with one night stands but empty with long time partners. I wanted more and I was determined to get more. I refused to believe that this was all that was out there, allowing myself to either be labeled too ‘easy’ or to somehow not be satisfied with my sex life.

My deep search took me to one day learning all about Tantra and the power that women seemed to have and yet were powerless to hone thanks to the standards western society had put on them. I began practicing the arts of Tantra and then started sharing my knowledge with the world. I had never felt so liberated, so open, so willing to experiment with my own sensual energy and to offer pleasure to those that had been just like me… lost and looking for a way to expand themselves sexually, sensually and just push the boundaries of what pleasure truly means. I love what I do and every days and every client teaches me something new. It’s amazing to break free and become sexually enlightened and completely happy and at home in my own skin and that’s when I found Minx Massage.

Prostate Massage

1471603184_staff_537_57b6e1f04b14c_tnWhen people think of a prostate massage they seem to have the idea that it’s a massage solely for the prostate. While this sounds like a good idea in theory the truth is no tantric massage is solely about one body part. The prostate is a gland nestled deep inside a man’s body and it’s accessible through outward stimulation by gently pushing on a sweet spot in a man’s body or internally through the anus. This little gland has an incredible amount of nerve endings that when tickled through whichever means sends a man’s eyes roll to the back of their head. It’s sexy but it’s very potent. This is why when you want a tantric massage where your prostate is also part of the fun you need to get a full body to body massage.

This means that while you’re also getting a complete massage your prostate will also be joining the pleasure game and don’t worry… it’s probably the MVP. But for you to get a complete tantric experience (such as the ones available at agencies like http://www.tantricdolls.com) one needs to start slow, build it up and get things completely warm and ready for when the time is right to bring out the big guns… or in this case the small gun that you carry inside. Once that gun is fired there is no turning back and your body will be in the playing field getting closer and closer to scoring the ecstasy points it so desires. The prostate is part of the team, not a solo player. So when you are thinking of getting a tantric massage or a prostate massage remember that your other organs need as much loving but that this one is the one that will score that winning point for you. You might also want to know that the method for reaching your prostate varies according to your comfort level. You’ll never be asked to do anything you don’ want to but there’s always that chance that once you feel how nice it truly feels to be loved down under you will want to go all the way south of the border and into uncharted territory.

A Massage Holiday

Is this time of the year particularly hard on you because you’ll be going without breaks or holidays until Christmas and even then, perhaps, you don’t find Christmas much of a holiday anyway, what with all the organisation, travel, tension and mania? The period from October onwards can seem like an endurance test to even the most hardy among us. So it’s all the more pressing that you keep yourself stable, sane and positive in outlook and you can ensure that this is the case by booking gay massage. In a mere 60 minutes (or 90 if preferred), you can create the effect of a week-long holiday and, rather than travelling to other countries, you can journey into the deeper and more remote places within your sensual and sexual being. It’s a vacation like no other. Simply peruse the wonderful men in our gallery and then pick the treatment you would most like to experience. Before long, your ‘holiday’ will have begun as you and your therapist undress in private and prepare to make magic. No need to worry about tickets and passports, brushing up foreign phrases or researching local places of interest. All you have to do is show up.
Gay massage, using a combination of Swedish, deep-tissue and body-to-body manoeuvres, will renew and restore you just as abundantly as a trip overseas but with far less hassle. You won’t be herded along a queue in customs, treated like cattle by overzealous, self-satisfied, jumped-up airport officials. Your mind and body will be honoured and worshipped by a strong, fully trained man, God-like in appearance and with a profoundly sensual nature. As his hands work they way around you, tending to the places that have gone unloved for too long, you’ll be soaring through skies of rapture and enchantment, before diving down to land softly on shores of soft pleasure. Like large ocean rollers, waves of jubilation will crash upon you, as your therapist takes you close and close to that place of explosive release, edging you gradually to the point of no return.


What is Ecstasy

Other than it being an illegal substance, ecstasy is a place where you can go not just legally but often. As many fun things that started in the 1970’s the name Ecstasy was given to the drug to increase the probabilities of it being bought by recreational consumers. But in fact the drug had been used since the 1910’s in medicine. The drug was originally given the name Adam because it seemed to reduce people to a more primordial and innocent state.

This, of course, matches with the concept of ecstasy that comes from Tantra which was 1453745108_staff_101_56a663d48e706the ultimate state practitioners of the art were after. Ecstasy was the tantric equivalent of Nirvana and it was said that when a person was able to reach ecstasy they would indeed connect themselves to their more primordial being and find themselves feeling childlike, with lowered inhibitions, full access to the range of emotions we tend to shun as adults and an overall feeling of being ‘connected’ to the world around us. Tantric advocates believe that reaching this place is simple as long as you follow the knowledge that Tantra puts out there. This knowledge became popular in the 60’s and 70’s with the rising interest in Buddhism, pacifism and ancient forms of meditation and knowledge, like meditation and yoga.

The ‘free love’ movement also helped tantric believers, massages and practices all over the globe. The use of Ecstasy sky rocketed due to the fact that was marketed as a short cut to get to that place where you felt truly happy and engorged in pleasure. Of course, much like Marihuana, it is now known that there are no shortcuts to Nirvana and Ecstasy and that you simply have to do the work. If you want to reach Ecstasy and reach it often then you need to learn how to control your impulses, your energy and your sensuality. There are many tantric massage agencies and outcalls in London (one such agency that I’d highly recommend being Guilty Pleasures) so if you’re interested in continuing on a tantric and satisfying journey in a way that’s safe, legal and fun then all you need to do is book an appointment with a reputable place and begin your journey to Ecstasy.

Jump Start your Health

Health is something that’s constantly on everyone’s mind. It seems that no matter what we photo-1445451983996-ac6b92ffb1fbdo we’re constantly obsessing over our wellbeing. You’d think that with all the wonderful things we have available to us in the western world health would almost be a given at this point. Instead we find that more and more people are finding meeting their basic needs to keep themselves healthy such a big problem doctors are richer than ever. Prescription medication, psychiatrists and aches and pains have become a common denominator in our everyday life.  It would seem that with all the technology, information and time saving devices we have available these problems would be a thing of the past. But the truth of the matter is more and more, we’re forgetting how to take care of ourselves.

Contrary to popular belief health does not begin at a doctor’s office. That’s a modern idea. Health actually begins at home. Getting adequate nutrition is part of the problem. With all the processed and artificial foods around it’s quite common for people’s health to decline due to eating the wrong kinds of things. Clean eating is the key to boosting your immune system and bettering your health.

Along with good nutrition stress is another factor that seems to have invaded our lives like a whirlwind. The constant worries and lack of sleep have made us a generation of stressed insomniacs. Battling stress seems to cause even more stress. Having leisure time is of utmost importance in our lives and allowing time to relax is key to help us live fulfilling and healthy lives. A good way to get some relaxation is to book a tantric massage from London Tantric. The process to book is easy and fast and within an hour of a sensual massage you’ll feel yourself capable of anything. It’s quick, easy, fun, sexy and a good way to jumpstart your health in a natural way.

How to keep your escort booking a secret

Every women will react differently when they find out that there long-term boyfriend or husband has been seeing an escort behind there back. This is because many women are not willing to share their man with someone else. If you are someone who actively books time with a London escort then you are probably going to want to keep it secret. Spending time with a London escort instead of your wife or girlfriend is perfectly fine and if you want to keep it a secret follow these tactics.

Step One to keep your bookings a secretf84a3a01

Most women are naturally suspicious of their partner its just something that comes with dating them. This is just because they want to make sure that there man is faithful to them. Your partner is going to notice if you make any sudden changes and this will throw up a red light. When you are dating someone you know it’s them even with your eyes closed because you have gotten used to every aspect of them so don’t be surprised if your partner notices even the smallest amount of perfume on you.

The second tip to keep your bookings a secretphoto-1451968362585-6f6b322071c7

Prevention is always the best option. Making sure you minimize any risk before your booking is a great idea as you are less likely to get caught. One thing to stay away from is telling your wife/girlfriend that you joined a new team unless you want to wash a kit after every escort booking. One thing I do recommend though is a secondary mobile phone, this can just be a basic mobile but it will help a lot in the long run. Having a second phone is great as you can leave it at work or the gym but still use it to book your London escort.

If you are going to book an escort in London then we recommend going with an escort agency that specialises in providing a discreet such as Companion Concierge. Also keep these 3 thing in mind to make sure that you can go ahead with your booking meticulous planning, smart communication and impeccable financial planning.

The hottest escorts in Chelsea – SW3 – AJ London escorts

There are a lot of hot escorts in Chelsea, but none have been quite as excellent as the girls at AJ’s London escorts. There has been a lot of talk about this agency recently and once you have had the pleasure of booking from them before you will know exactly what everyone is talking about.

About AJ’s Chelsea escort service

  • 24/7 service: 07501911524
  • Areas served: All of London & Chelsea
  • Rates: 90 pounds an hour
  • Services available: All
  • Website: www.ajlondonescorts.co.uk
AJ London Escorts logo

AJ’s London escorts caters to many districts. Get in touch for an appointment.

AJ’s London escort service is based in central London & operates in a wider area, providing escorts to many local areas including all parts of Chelsea.

They have a very large portfolio of ladies; most of which are active and currently seeing new customers (Just ring up and ask if who you want to see if available), their prices are easily the best in London, and the escorts themselves tend to enjoy excursions out as Chelsea companions.

Chances are you will probably go out there and put a review up about your experiences to share with the world. The best place to do this would be Punternet of course, however the agency website is also a great place to submit your reviews because the agency is fair and will publish all reviews they receive and the people who are debating whether to book or not will have that bit more knowledge.

Rachel AJ's London Escorts

Rachel, one of the Chelsea escort girls from AJ’s London escorts

Right now AJ’s maintains a roster of over 50 active cheap London escorts who are just waiting for you to pick up the phone and make a booking. Most of these women would love to come and meet you in Chelsea.

The agency offers amazing rates, which are some of the cheapest that you will find on the internet; however the cheap rates will not mean that you will get a ‘cheap’ or rushed service; is them like the amazon of the escort industry, the best prices, trustworthy and reliable. I have never booked and regretted it.

Vanessa AJ London Escorts

Vanessa, escort from AJ’s. Takes outcall bookings in Chelsea.

The website works well. There is a standard amount of information on each profile which makes the whole viewing experiencing very well rounded; there is also a mobile version of the site for when you are out on the go. Moreover and more importantly, the gallery pictures of each courtesan are accurate.

Overall i would certainly give AJ London escorts a try! If it is not the service for you, then that is a shame because you will be missing out on one of the major London escort agencies that is also one of the cheapest.

Looking for an alternative Chelsea based escort agency?

Edit 8/2/2017: We have removed the link recommendation to escort Sky, she is no longer providing adequate adult services in the Chelsea area.

If AJ’s London escorts doesn’t cater to exactly what you want, we have selected two agencies that predominantly offer excellent Chelsea escort girls. Book from either one, they are both great services.

Image of the Chelsea escorts page at Rachaels

Rachael’s London Escorts – http://www.rachaelslondonescorts.co.uk/locations/chelsea-escorts

Rachael’s London is a great service, highly underrated. They have plenty of ladies in Chelsea, and are often capable of meeting booking demands on short notice.

Generally good for outcall bookings throughout London. Rachael’s is one of the rare professional London escort agencies that offers both incalls and outcalls.

We’d recommend you take a look at Rachael’s Chelsea escorts page and see if any of their girls catch your attention.

Image of the Chelsea escorts page at Bed Domination

Bed Domination – http://www.bed-dominationescorts.com/location/chelsea-escorts

Bed Domination rose to popularity due to being a niche fetish escort agency. However, due to their outstanding excellence when it comes to customer service, many gentlemen now turn to Bed for regular escorting outcalls too.

This agency has a Chelsea page and we’ve booked from them near Chelsea before – very professional.

We’d definitely recommend booking a Chelsea escort from Bed if your proclivities are aligned more to the sub/dom category.


Removed content below

Sky independent Chelsea escort


Sky is a new & fresh face to the Chelsea scene, a beautiful independent Asian companion offering outcalls locally (incalls in Mayfair too!)

Chelseaescort.com comes highly recommended, as this Chelsea escort service (edit: Link removed – agency no longer in service) caters almost exclusively to Chelsea adult encounters: making Sky the best niche service for bookings in this area.

Why not give her a call on (number removed) to see if Sky can make your evening in Chelsea memorable?

Winter is in full swing now

Winter is in full swing now, rain pouring outside and freezing cold temperatures set to continue, I have been a long time fan of warming myself up during the colder months using the help of elite London escorts, based in Mayfair my natural selection when it comes to an agency is Mayfair Girls; they really are a cut above the rest.

Firstly as soon as you visit their site www.mayfairgirls.com you will understand why this is my choice, elegant and sleek, it is a sign of things to come when it comes to the booking process, which many people misconceive as being stressful or long winded. That couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with the help of the team at Mayfair Girls. All of the people I have dealt with have been very helpful and have a great knowledge of the girls on their site and all things London.


One look at their gallery www.mayfairgirls.com/escorts and you will instantly full in love with multiple girls, I certainly did. What I find is best to do in those situations is to speak to one of the team who can then help establish your interests and desires and match you with the girl that is best suited to your expectations. I have always left the decision in the hands of the person on the other end of the line, and each and every time I have had an unbelievable experience. In particularly I wanted to splash out and thought I would treat myself to an elite £600 London escort from the Mayfair Girls gallery.

Now they all looked very beautiful which made the decision hard so I gave them a call on the booking line (07796247247), and there we narrowed down my choice to a beautiful girl called Dayana. From this experience I can promise you that these people know what they are doing, Dayana was the perfect girl for me and I have since visited her on various occasions. So if you are a little bit stuck then I cannot speak highly enough of the Mayfair Girls team when it comes to choosing which London escort is best for you.