Why I Became a Tantric Masseuse?

1462649221_staff_524_572e418589120_tnIn my youth I was always labeled the rebel of the family. It wasn’t because I was reckless or rude but because I always questioned everything that was told to me and wanted to delve deeper into why things are the way they are. You could say I never saw an argument I couldn’t get into because I simply wanted to know more. This became apparent when in my formative years I began liking boys. I was often told not to approach men and let them approach me. It didn’t make any sense in my mind if I liked someone why I’d have to wait when they were clearly too shy to do anything other than stare at my hair the whole day!

When I went off to college I tried experimenting with my sex life but found that I had become bored with the typical positions and the typical empty sex. It wasn’t just empty with one night stands but empty with long time partners. I wanted more and I was determined to get more. I refused to believe that this was all that was out there, allowing myself to either be labeled too ‘easy’ or to somehow not be satisfied with my sex life.

My deep search took me to one day learning all about Tantra and the power that women seemed to have and yet were powerless to hone thanks to the standards western society had put on them. I began practicing the arts of Tantra and then started sharing my knowledge with the world. I had never felt so liberated, so open, so willing to experiment with my own sensual energy and to offer pleasure to those that had been just like me… lost and looking for a way to expand themselves sexually, sensually and just push the boundaries of what pleasure truly means. I love what I do and every days and every client teaches me something new. It’s amazing to break free and become sexually enlightened and completely happy and at home in my own skin and that’s when I found Minx Massage.

Prostate Massage

1471603184_staff_537_57b6e1f04b14c_tnWhen people think of a prostate massage they seem to have the idea that it’s a massage solely for the prostate. While this sounds like a good idea in theory the truth is no tantric massage is solely about one body part. The prostate is a gland nestled deep inside a man’s body and it’s accessible through outward stimulation by gently pushing on a sweet spot in a man’s body or internally through the anus. This little gland has an incredible amount of nerve endings that when tickled through whichever means sends a man’s eyes roll to the back of their head. It’s sexy but it’s very potent. This is why when you want a tantric massage where your prostate is also part of the fun you need to get a full body to body massage.

This means that while you’re also getting a complete massage your prostate will also be joining the pleasure game and don’t worry… it’s probably the MVP. But for you to get a complete tantric experience (such as the ones available at agencies like http://www.tantricdolls.com) one needs to start slow, build it up and get things completely warm and ready for when the time is right to bring out the big guns… or in this case the small gun that you carry inside. Once that gun is fired there is no turning back and your body will be in the playing field getting closer and closer to scoring the ecstasy points it so desires. The prostate is part of the team, not a solo player. So when you are thinking of getting a tantric massage or a prostate massage remember that your other organs need as much loving but that this one is the one that will score that winning point for you. You might also want to know that the method for reaching your prostate varies according to your comfort level. You’ll never be asked to do anything you don’ want to but there’s always that chance that once you feel how nice it truly feels to be loved down under you will want to go all the way south of the border and into uncharted territory.

Are Tantric Massages Cheating?

Of all the people that are currently interested in having a tantric massage London, you’d be surprised to know that most of them are not single. This of course brings up the question “Are tantric massages cheating?” and the answer is: it depends on your view of them and your relationship.1461419024_staff_543_571b7c104fd31

The first thing to understand whether you think these massages are cheating or not is that they’re not about sexual intercourse and there is no sexual intercourse. There is at no point in the massage where a masseuse will insert a penis into her body. This is a full body massage, however, and it’s very pleasurable so orgasms may happen or they may not… it all depends on the client and how they feel with the massage. If an orgasm doesn’t happen this doesn’t mean the massage hasn’t been done properly but simply that the client’s satisfaction came from elsewhere. The point of the massage itself is to stimulate the pleasure senses of the body and that doesn’t just include one thing… of course sensual pleasure is one of the most important but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one being looked after.

Either way cheating sometimes has nothing to do with what’s physically done or not. Most of the time people get upset at cheating because trust has been broken somehow in the relationship. Whether you’re a man or a woman being open and honest about what you’re doing is the best way to avoid having your partner’s feelings hurt. Don’t hide the fact that you’re getting a massage, explain why you feel you need one and remind your partner that if you wanted to leave them or to have fun elsewhere massages aren’t exactly where you would go for that. Still, it is vital for your partner to be involved and know what’s happening to avoid their minds filling in the details. Honesty is very important in Tantra and you also wouldn’t want to put your masseuse at risk by lying to her and your partner. Whether you’re married, single or anywhere in between you can enjoy massages and their benefits but it’s important for everyone to know what’s going on and why.

What is Ecstasy

Other than it being an illegal substance, ecstasy is a place where you can go not just legally but often. As many fun things that started in the 1970’s the name Ecstasy was given to the drug to increase the probabilities of it being bought by recreational consumers. But in fact the drug had been used since the 1910’s in medicine. The drug was originally given the name Adam because it seemed to reduce people to a more primordial and innocent state.

This, of course, matches with the concept of ecstasy that comes from Tantra which was 1453745108_staff_101_56a663d48e706the ultimate state practitioners of the art were after. Ecstasy was the tantric equivalent of Nirvana and it was said that when a person was able to reach ecstasy they would indeed connect themselves to their more primordial being and find themselves feeling childlike, with lowered inhibitions, full access to the range of emotions we tend to shun as adults and an overall feeling of being ‘connected’ to the world around us. Tantric advocates believe that reaching this place is simple as long as you follow the knowledge that Tantra puts out there. This knowledge became popular in the 60’s and 70’s with the rising interest in Buddhism, pacifism and ancient forms of meditation and knowledge, like meditation and yoga.

The ‘free love’ movement also helped tantric believers, massages and practices all over the globe. The use of Ecstasy sky rocketed due to the fact that was marketed as a short cut to get to that place where you felt truly happy and engorged in pleasure. Of course, much like Marihuana, it is now known that there are no shortcuts to Nirvana and Ecstasy and that you simply have to do the work. If you want to reach Ecstasy and reach it often then you need to learn how to control your impulses, your energy and your sensuality. There are many tantric massage agencies and outcalls in London (one such agency that I’d highly recommend being Guilty Pleasures) so if you’re interested in continuing on a tantric and satisfying journey in a way that’s safe, legal and fun then all you need to do is book an appointment with a reputable place and begin your journey to Ecstasy.