Snow Is On It’s Way

I was watching the weather last night and they say that snow is on the way for Britain. It could be up to 5 inches of snow this week which will cover most of Britain and although there are always some people that do not enjoy the snow, on the whole it is an exciting time. Personally I love the snow and more so love the way that women dress in the snow and look incredible. Those that have the fashion knowledge and sense of style like those from Courtisane look amazing in clothing made to combat the elements.

Now there is a big difference between snow-wear and the following image.

I enjoy the fact that wrapping up leaves a little more to the imagination while still showing how beautiful the woman is. I can think of no better way to spend a snowy evening in London that with one of the elite London escorts from Courtisane sheltering from the elements in one of the high end bars, sipping on a warm cocktail and getting to know one another. If you are one of the more adventurous men that will want to still venture out in the cold weather then these are some of the images that I feel best reflect why I love this time of year.


With the beauty and class of the escorts at Courtisane you could easily be on a date with a companion that looks as good or if not better than the one above so why not visit the website now for more information.

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