Running a London escorts agency is far from an easy task

Running a London escorts agency is far from an easy task, I should know I have owned one for the past three years. Certain people believe that they will start an agency and start taking money right away, I am sorry to say but those of you who think they are dreamers and the most of you will be giving up within a few months.

Only read on if you are in this for the long haul, if you have deep pockets and you don’t mind many sleepless nights, for those of you who are having a hard time believing me at just how hard it is, call me once your money runs out.

The image banner from Dior Escorts the London escort Agency.

Dior Escorts – London Escort Agency

Step 1 – Website:

Ensure that you have an easy to use website and that it looks pretty,  you can get a basic website for under a thousand pounds but then you have got to add to it. Make sure that it has a reviews section, make sure you can add girls easily and make sure that it is hosted in the correct manner.

Dior Escorts - Website Screenshot

Dior Escorts – London Escort Agency

Step 2 – SEO (search engine optimisation)

So important, remember though that it takes months for SEO to take enough and spending £150 a month will do you NO good if you are going for any sort of keyword, if you are going to spend £150 you might as well throw it out of the window because it will do you no good at all.

SEO is very hard so make sure you employ people who know what they are doing, bad SEO can hurt even more than no SEO.


Step 4 – Advertising.

Don’t let anybody fool you with talk of how much traffic they will send to your website, traffic is nothing, its bookings that matter. There are only a few places that are worth spending your money; I am not going to tell you where you have got to learn something on your own!

An image displaying the word advertising and relating topics.


Step 5 – Girls

Make sure you only work with the good girls, there are so many of them you don’t need the bad ones with the bad attitude, they will not get you repeat business, make sure they have good photos and make sure you can contact them.

An image displaying an example escort profile.

Example escort profile

Step 6 – Reception

So import! The people on your end of the phone are your sales team, they are the people who are going to turn phone calls into bookings, remind them to be polite and professional at all times, no swearing is so important. A professional reception team is a must, if you do not have access to such people then find them quickly or you might as well not start at all.

An image of the reception.

Example of Reception

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