Prostate Massage

1471603184_staff_537_57b6e1f04b14c_tnWhen people think of a prostate massage they seem to have the idea that it’s a massage solely for the prostate. While this sounds like a good idea in theory the truth is no tantric massage is solely about one body part. The prostate is a gland nestled deep inside a man’s body and it’s accessible through outward stimulation by gently pushing on a sweet spot in a man’s body or internally through the anus. This little gland has an incredible amount of nerve endings that when tickled through whichever means sends a man’s eyes roll to the back of their head. It’s sexy but it’s very potent. This is why when you want a tantric massage where your prostate is also part of the fun you need to get a full body to body massage.

This means that while you’re also getting a complete massage your prostate will also be joining the pleasure game and don’t worry… it’s probably the MVP. But for you to get a complete tantric experience (such as the ones available at agencies like one needs to start slow, build it up and get things completely warm and ready for when the time is right to bring out the big guns… or in this case the small gun that you carry inside. Once that gun is fired there is no turning back and your body will be in the playing field getting closer and closer to scoring the ecstasy points it so desires. The prostate is part of the team, not a solo player. So when you are thinking of getting a tantric massage or a prostate massage remember that your other organs need as much loving but that this one is the one that will score that winning point for you. You might also want to know that the method for reaching your prostate varies according to your comfort level. You’ll never be asked to do anything you don’ want to but there’s always that chance that once you feel how nice it truly feels to be loved down under you will want to go all the way south of the border and into uncharted territory.

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