Majingos escorts Gentleman to heaven in Canary Wharf

What better way to spend a delightful evening than watching some of the most stunning, sensual and sultry sirens strut their stuff in Canary Wharf? With their toned figures and seraphic features, they are oh so skilled in the sublime art of seduction of which Exclusive Company Canary Wharf escorts match in every way with their perfect petite figures. Majingos Gentleman’s Club, 556 Commercial Rd, Canary Wharf London E14 7JD, is undoubtedly one of the best establishments of its ilk.

The most stylish Canary Wharf Bar

Open from Mondays to Fridays the interior is tastefully decorated with a real luxurious feel in a fabulous art deco style, it’s the best establishment to while away a few hours entertaining your corporate clients, or spending a few enjoyable hours with one or more beautiful and sexy Canary Wharf escorts from the very professional and elite Exclusive Company London escorts agency in Canary Wharf.

Majingos gentlemans club

Majingos Gentleman’s Club, Canary Wharf

Is there a better way to unwind? Is there anything more titillating than watching a steamy striptease performed by a flawless paragon of femininity? Once your temptress has peeled off her outer garments you can enjoy a private dance just for your own enjoyment. If you are spending the evening here you are bound to get peckish at some point, there is a selection of tasty treats and snacks to choose from and you can wash it down with a bubbling glass of the finest fizz. Majingo’s Gentleman’s’ Club is the perfect place to host a private party, whether you are planning an evening of drinks and fine entertainment for a few friends are a soiree for up to two hundred and fifty people.

Many different Membership packages

Why just spend an evening with the delicious dancers? Majingos offers a range of membership packages which means you can attend again and again and soak in the sights in a greater degree of luxury. The VIP package offers complimentary car service to the venue (for a party of three or more), preferential admission and access to exclusive VIP special offers. You may find locating Majingos is a little tricky, it’s discreetly located above a Waterfront Bar just five minutes away from the bustling Canary Wharf District, ideally located for hard-working businessmen to visit and unwind at the end of a busy day in the office.

The banner image from Majingos strip club in Canary Wharf.

Majingos Strip Club

Once you have found Majingos, you will not have to worry about scrambling for a seat, although this establishment is busy the interior is suave and spacious and there is plenty of room for all of the revellers to enjoy their evening. Whether you are looking for a place to spend an evening alone with a Canary Wharf escorts whilst the gorgeous entertainers dance for your pleasure, or you are looking for a more rambunctious evening with friends this is definitely an establishment where you will want to relax and unwind.

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Suitable Locations To Take Your Elite London Escorts

London as a city has an incredible amount of high class locations, if you are looking to book elite London escorts then you have plenty of choices of high class locations in the city of London. Choosing a location to take your elite London escorts all comes down to the kind of person you are maybe you’re the type of person that would enjoy a meal with your companion, if this sounds like your cup of tea then you should try the Clos Maggiore. This restaurant is the only place to be when it comes to French cuisine in the capital city, this is ideal to be accompanied by one of the most stunning elite London escorts for a meal that will feel like you’re in the heart of France that’s how good this establishment is, you will struggle to find anywhere in London that supplies food like this.

closs maggiore

Maybe being in a high class environment surrounded by people isn’t really your sort of thing which is understandable well don’t panic because London has much more to offer for you and your Elite London escorts. If you prefer your privacy then maybe a hotel would be more up your street, if this is the case then you should try the London Marriot Hotel Grosvenor Square. This 5 star hotel is truly the epitome of luxury, the rooms that they provide here are some of the most luxurious you will come across anywhere which makes it perfect for you to indulge in the privacy of your own room with your elite London escorts for an all-round impeccable experience.

london marriote

London is also famous for having quite the nightlife, if you think of yourself as someone that enjoys to have a good party then a nightclub that is a must try in the capital city is the Ministry Of Sound. This is perfect for you to take elite London escorts for a night of partying.

ministry of sound

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Affluent areas in London


London is an incredible city to say the least and it is home to some incredible areas that are well known for its affluence. Here you will discover a small handful of affluent areas in London and what they have to offer.


The first affluent area in London is the well-known Kensington which is an extremely posh and fancy area that is home to some of the super-rich residents that live in London. You can easily notice just how affluent this area is by walking down the street you will see fast fancy cars and properties you can only dream of living in. As you may already know Kensington is home to the incredible Kensington Hotel which is an extremely high class hotel that is well known for treating its guests to the highest standards. Kensington is a fabulous area that is a popular for the wealthy gentlemen of Kensington to book beautiful high class London escorts. If you are looking for the best selection of beautiful London escorts you should visit London Punt an amazing London escort directory that has a wide range of stunning London escorts across all areas from many of the best London escort agencies. Browse through and book London escorts here:


Our next affluent area in London is Mayfair which is an incredible place to be as it is home to some of London’s most impressive shops, bars, restaurants and much more. Mayfair is known for its outstanding restaurants that are amongst the finest in the entire country. No matter what you are looking for Mayfair will probably have it, if you are looking for a quiet place to relax and have a couple of drinks or if you are looking for a loud energetic night out you could visit one of Mayfair’s finest bars. Whatever you get up to in Mayfair you are bound to have a pleasant and memorable experience in one of London’s most affluent areas.

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Deal the Winning Hand at Les Ambassadeurs with your London Escort

Known for its sophistication and lauded as the most exclusive club in Mayfair, Les Ambassadors has been welcoming members of the Aristocracy and high society rollers since the 17th century.  After an extensive restoration in 2006, Les Ambassadors has reinvented itself as a world class gambling club and an excellent choice for the discerning gentleman to visit with an International Bunnies Escort.

For private members only, Les Ambassadors offers a discreet and comfortable area for private members to relax. With millionaire clients, famous faces and Royalty as their regular guests, this exclusive private members club boasts an unrivalled level of personal service and professionalism from their staff. So it’s the ideal choice for those who prefer a more discreet encounter with their London Escort.

Carved by the world famous Chevalier Rinaldo Barbetti, the exclusive Library room is great for relaxing with your London escort. The grand surroundings and the intricate detailing on the carved wall panels are the perfect conversation starter with your educated and refined high class escort.  Examine and enjoy the beautiful stories crafted into the panels whilst you relax and chat over cognac and fine champagne. It’s the perfect way to start the date and become acquainted.

If you prefer something more exciting, venture in the quiet yet fashionable Gaming Room which plays host to 16 live gaming tables. Designed to meet the needs of all individual players by offering a spacious area to play alone or to socialise in a group, Les Ambassadors offers complete comfort and provides an atmosphere to relax, unwind and play alongside your International Bunnies escort.  Because the gaming room is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the doors are always open for you to play with your high class call girl, despite a late hour.

Players can choose between Black Jack, Baccarat, Three Card Poker and American Roulette and experience the talent of some of the worlds most experienced and efficient croupiers. As the saying goes, Luck will be a Lady and perhaps your beautiful London escort will be your lucky charm tonight….

For those who require a higher degree of privacy, members can hire a private suite for discreet entertaining and gambling. With carefully selected croupiers and meals brought directly to the suite, you can combine high stakes gambling with the thrill of entertaining your London Model Escort. Personal Bar service enables you to enjoy fine champagne and expensive wine as you relax and unwind in a more intimate setting.

Those who enjoy a puff on a fine cigar will appreciate the newest addition to Les Ambassadors, the Smoking Garden. Hailed as the largest outdoor gaming area in London and boasting underfloor heating, all weather televisions and incredible comfort in all weather, this outdoor playing area is a great place to relax with a cigar and cognac. Chat easily with your sexy London escort under canopied tables as you enjoy traditional casino games.

Privacy is respected with the addition of foldable wooden partitions between tables so you can enjoy the outdoor action in a more intimate setting. Flowers and vegetation provide beautiful scenery and make the Les Ambassadors Smoking garden an unrivalled success amongst the regular visitors.

Between games, why not invite your International bunnies escort to join you in the dining room for a mouth-watering treat from the international menu. With a contemporary twists to classic menus, every meal time is a treat at the Les Ambassadors restaurant. The extensive wine list offers a wide choice of the finest wines to enjoy with a delicious meal.  Soft lighting and plush furniture enable you to relax in the comfortable surroundings whist you flirt and tease your beautiful escort. After spoiling your escort so much, how on earth will she resist your flirtatious charms…

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Top 10 Appointment Questions To Avoid

A bayswater escort

The conversation you make with one of your chosen elite Bayswater escorts should always be light, friendly and fun. This enables you to build rapport and a connection with your escort and ensures that your appointment experience is enjoyable.

It is perfectly understandable that you may be a little nervous or apprehensive about making small talk, particularly if this is your first high class Bayswater escort appointment. Knowing the right thing to say will become easier the more you talk and take turns to ask and answer questions.

As long as you avoid the top 10 questions below you should be ok.


The Top 10 Questions To Avoid:

  1. How much money do you make?

Personal financial matters should be confidential and private. This means that your elite Bayswater escort companion will not ask you questions about your bank balance and salary expectations. Make sure you have the courtesy to do the same.

  1. Where do you see this relationship going?

Your appointment is an appointment to make a connection, and not anything related to a relationship of any sort. No matter how well you get on with your high class Bayswater escort there is no future for the two of you.

  1. Are you afraid of commitment?

Asking your elite Bayswater escort about her personal relationships is unacceptable and disrespectful. Implying that she has commitment issues is not only offensive but also draws attention to your own commitment shortcomings.

  1. Are you on a diet?

Your attractive high class Bayswater escort is slim and perfectly proportioned and takes good care of her physical health. Unless she declines ordering any food, whilst on a dinner appointment with you, do not assume she is watching her weight.

  1. Is that a fake tan?

High class Bayswater escorts are well travelled companions who are regularly invited to holiday in exotic and sunny locations. The golden glow to her skin is most likely genuine, but avoid causing offense by asking for clarification.

  1. Have you ever had plastic surgery?

Some elite Kensington escorts have enhanced their assets but it is ungentlemanly to ask nosey body related questions.

  1. What’s your five-year plan?

Whilst you may consider this to be a safe and acceptable question to ask anyone this is another ‘too personal’ question you should skip.

  1. Is it OK if I just ring my mate?

No. It is never OK to invite another person along to your appointment. Do not ask, ever.

  1. What kind of wedding do you want to have?

Whether you ask out of genuine curiosity or obsessive fantasy this question crosses the personal boundary line.

  1. Do you mind if we add another 20 minutes?

If you want to add on time simply book another appointment.

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an evening of entertainment with Aberdeen escorts

Independent Elite are on the look out for men across Aberdeen to be creative and original when designing an evening of entertainment. We have a section of gorgeous independent Aberdeen escorts to add high class and elegant company to your evening. Whether you are attending an event by invite or looking to devise your own date night then Independent Elite offer stunning company for any occasion.


Throughout Aberdeen you can discover some of the best local food and drink within the City and Shire. Aberdeen is proud to boast some of the most incomparable cafe’s, bistros and restaurants fuelled by passionate local suppliers. This region which has deep rooted history and fertile farmland, fast flowing rivers and coastline, perfect surroundings for high quality natural flavours and ingredients.

There are so many venues to choose from to taste these flavours with so much opportunity to entertain an Aberdeen escort. The Lemon Tree is a thriving and diverse alternative venue situated on Aberdeen’s North Street. This venue is ideal to excite an independent Aberdeen escort as it showcases the best musicians and comedians in the ground floor lounge. The lounge also includes a very unique selection of drinks served via a local brewery Brewdog. The Lemon Tree has innovative, forefront drama and dance that can be appreciated and enjoyed in the Studio. Furthermore Kate’s Bar is the place to be seen with an Aberdeen escort as this is the area to relax, compose and enjoy your experience before watching the Studio’s cosy and accomplished performances.


We are looking for the right sophisticated gentlemen to explore these delicious flavours, menus, drinks and performances. With so much opportunity on offer we match the right stunning lady to your preferences and occasion. Whether you are a blonde or brunette gentleman, or have a unique type of your own, we are waiting to provide stunning company to a stunning evening.

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The hottest escorts in Chelsea – SW3 – AJ London escorts

There are a lot of hot escorts in Chelsea, but none have been quite as excellent as the girls at AJ’s London escorts. There has been a lot of talk about this agency recently and once you have had the pleasure of booking from them before you will know exactly what everyone is talking about.

About AJ’s Chelsea escort service

  • 24/7 service: 07501911524
  • Areas served: All of London & Chelsea
  • Rates: 90 pounds an hour
  • Services available: All
  • Website:
AJ London Escorts logo

AJ’s London escorts caters to many districts. Get in touch for an appointment.

AJ’s London escort service is based in central London & operates in a wider area, providing escorts to many local areas including all parts of Chelsea.

They have a very large portfolio of ladies; most of which are active and currently seeing new customers (Just ring up and ask if who you want to see if available), their prices are easily the best in London, and the escorts themselves tend to enjoy excursions out as Chelsea companions.

Chances are you will probably go out there and put a review up about your experiences to share with the world. The best place to do this would be Punternet of course, however the agency website is also a great place to submit your reviews because the agency is fair and will publish all reviews they receive and the people who are debating whether to book or not will have that bit more knowledge.

Rachel AJ's London Escorts

Rachel, one of the Chelsea escort girls from AJ’s London escorts

Right now AJ’s maintains a roster of over 50 active cheap London escorts who are just waiting for you to pick up the phone and make a booking. Most of these women would love to come and meet you in Chelsea.

The agency offers amazing rates, which are some of the cheapest that you will find on the internet; however the cheap rates will not mean that you will get a ‘cheap’ or rushed service; is them like the amazon of the escort industry, the best prices, trustworthy and reliable. I have never booked and regretted it.

Vanessa AJ London Escorts

Vanessa, escort from AJ’s. Takes outcall bookings in Chelsea.

The website works well. There is a standard amount of information on each profile which makes the whole viewing experiencing very well rounded; there is also a mobile version of the site for when you are out on the go. Moreover and more importantly, the gallery pictures of each courtesan are accurate.

Overall i would certainly give AJ London escorts a try! If it is not the service for you, then that is a shame because you will be missing out on one of the major London escort agencies that is also one of the cheapest.

Looking for an alternative Chelsea based escort agency?

Edit 8/2/2017: We have removed the link recommendation to escort Sky, she is no longer providing adequate adult services in the Chelsea area.

If AJ’s London escorts doesn’t cater to exactly what you want, we have selected two agencies that predominantly offer excellent Chelsea escort girls. Book from either one, they are both great services.

Image of the Chelsea escorts page at Rachaels

Rachael’s London Escorts –

Rachael’s London is a great service, highly underrated. They have plenty of ladies in Chelsea, and are often capable of meeting booking demands on short notice.

Generally good for outcall bookings throughout London. Rachael’s is one of the rare professional London escort agencies that offers both incalls and outcalls.

We’d recommend you take a look at Rachael’s Chelsea escorts page and see if any of their girls catch your attention.

Image of the Chelsea escorts page at Bed Domination

Bed Domination –

Bed Domination rose to popularity due to being a niche fetish escort agency. However, due to their outstanding excellence when it comes to customer service, many gentlemen now turn to Bed for regular escorting outcalls too.

This agency has a Chelsea page and we’ve booked from them near Chelsea before – very professional.

We’d definitely recommend booking a Chelsea escort from Bed if your proclivities are aligned more to the sub/dom category.


Removed content below

Sky independent Chelsea escort


Sky is a new & fresh face to the Chelsea scene, a beautiful independent Asian companion offering outcalls locally (incalls in Mayfair too!) comes highly recommended, as this Chelsea escort service (edit: Link removed – agency no longer in service) caters almost exclusively to Chelsea adult encounters: making Sky the best niche service for bookings in this area.

Why not give her a call on (number removed) to see if Sky can make your evening in Chelsea memorable?

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Manchester’s new exclusive members clubs

When you feel like an exclusive night out in Manchester a visit to one of the city’s new breed of members clubs is a must. Of course you cannot just turn up to these exclusive haunts you need to make yourself a member first; we won’t tell you how to do that, but we will tell you where to find them, the rest is up to you…

Our first suggestion is On The 7th, The Landing, Blue Tower, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2ST. This classy private members bar is nestled nicely within MediaCity in Salford and attracts the areas young professionals. With cosy snugs, private meeting rooms and screening rooms it’s perfect for lunch time drinks or after work relaxation. It attracts some very exclusive faces including local celebrities and the Exclusive Company Manchester escorts.

For somewhere more central head to the Ember Lounge 1-3 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 1LZ, it is a very smart and chic lounge bar at the Malmaison Hotel. This sophisticated bar is dark, decadent and extremely sexy, they serve up the most sumptuous cocktails and champagne is being sipped by its exclusive members everywhere you look. You feel like you are in very Exclusive Company in this metropolitan haunt and will most certainly be sure to see some of the finest Manchester escorts in the city relaxing before an evening with a discerning gentlemen.

Manchester’s Canal Street is fabulously fun and is home to some of Manchester’s best bars, but it isn’t known for being particularly sophisticated. That is until you visit Polari, Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3WD. Polari is an exclusive private members club in the heart of the gay village, it’s a haven away from the havoc of Canal Street. With moody lighting, exposed brick and dark wood it’s the perfect place to relax and sample some of their fabulous food. The ladies from Manchester’s premier escort agency Exclusive Company often visit this fabulously refined bar with their gay friends of evening.

Our final suggestion is the SkyLounge at Doubletree, DoubleTree by the Hilton, 1 Auburn Street, Manchester, M1 3DG. This gorgeous penthouse club is in a prime position overlooking Manchester’s city centre, they have a beautiful outside lounge area that is just heavenly in the summer months. It’s a light and airy space with clean lines and floor to ceiling glass windows. They serve beautiful food and drinks as you would expect from the Hilton and they make their members feel like very Exclusive Company.

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Snow Is On It’s Way

I was watching the weather last night and they say that snow is on the way for Britain. It could be up to 5 inches of snow this week which will cover most of Britain and although there are always some people that do not enjoy the snow, on the whole it is an exciting time. Personally I love the snow and more so love the way that women dress in the snow and look incredible. Those that have the fashion knowledge and sense of style like those from Courtisane look amazing in clothing made to combat the elements.

Now there is a big difference between snow-wear and the following image.

I enjoy the fact that wrapping up leaves a little more to the imagination while still showing how beautiful the woman is. I can think of no better way to spend a snowy evening in London that with one of the elite London escorts from Courtisane sheltering from the elements in one of the high end bars, sipping on a warm cocktail and getting to know one another. If you are one of the more adventurous men that will want to still venture out in the cold weather then these are some of the images that I feel best reflect why I love this time of year.


With the beauty and class of the escorts at Courtisane you could easily be on a date with a companion that looks as good or if not better than the one above so why not visit the website now for more information.

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Winter is in full swing now

Winter is in full swing now, rain pouring outside and freezing cold temperatures set to continue, I have been a long time fan of warming myself up during the colder months using the help of elite London escorts, based in Mayfair my natural selection when it comes to an agency is Mayfair Girls; they really are a cut above the rest.

Firstly as soon as you visit their site you will understand why this is my choice, elegant and sleek, it is a sign of things to come when it comes to the booking process, which many people misconceive as being stressful or long winded. That couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with the help of the team at Mayfair Girls. All of the people I have dealt with have been very helpful and have a great knowledge of the girls on their site and all things London.


One look at their gallery and you will instantly full in love with multiple girls, I certainly did. What I find is best to do in those situations is to speak to one of the team who can then help establish your interests and desires and match you with the girl that is best suited to your expectations. I have always left the decision in the hands of the person on the other end of the line, and each and every time I have had an unbelievable experience. In particularly I wanted to splash out and thought I would treat myself to an elite £600 London escort from the Mayfair Girls gallery.

Now they all looked very beautiful which made the decision hard so I gave them a call on the booking line (07796247247), and there we narrowed down my choice to a beautiful girl called Dayana. From this experience I can promise you that these people know what they are doing, Dayana was the perfect girl for me and I have since visited her on various occasions. So if you are a little bit stuck then I cannot speak highly enough of the Mayfair Girls team when it comes to choosing which London escort is best for you.

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