Are Tantric Massages Cheating?

Of all the people that are currently interested in having a tantric massage London, you’d be surprised to know that most of them are not single. This of course brings up the question “Are tantric massages cheating?” and the answer is: it depends on your view of them and your relationship.1461419024_staff_543_571b7c104fd31

The first thing to understand whether you think these massages are cheating or not is that they’re not about sexual intercourse and there is no sexual intercourse. There is at no point in the massage where a masseuse will insert a penis into her body. This is a full body massage, however, and it’s very pleasurable so orgasms may happen or they may not… it all depends on the client and how they feel with the massage. If an orgasm doesn’t happen this doesn’t mean the massage hasn’t been done properly but simply that the client’s satisfaction came from elsewhere. The point of the massage itself is to stimulate the pleasure senses of the body and that doesn’t just include one thing… of course sensual pleasure is one of the most important but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one being looked after.

Either way cheating sometimes has nothing to do with what’s physically done or not. Most of the time people get upset at cheating because trust has been broken somehow in the relationship. Whether you’re a man or a woman being open and honest about what you’re doing is the best way to avoid having your partner’s feelings hurt. Don’t hide the fact that you’re getting a massage, explain why you feel you need one and remind your partner that if you wanted to leave them or to have fun elsewhere massages aren’t exactly where you would go for that. Still, it is vital for your partner to be involved and know what’s happening to avoid their minds filling in the details. Honesty is very important in Tantra and you also wouldn’t want to put your masseuse at risk by lying to her and your partner. Whether you’re married, single or anywhere in between you can enjoy massages and their benefits but it’s important for everyone to know what’s going on and why.

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