A Massage Holiday

Is this time of the year particularly hard on you because you’ll be going without breaks or holidays until Christmas and even then, perhaps, you don’t find Christmas much of a holiday anyway, what with all the organisation, travel, tension and mania? The period from October onwards can seem like an endurance test to even the most hardy among us. So it’s all the more pressing that you keep yourself stable, sane and positive in outlook and you can ensure that this is the case by booking gay massage. In a mere 60 minutes (or 90 if preferred), you can create the effect of a week-long holiday and, rather than travelling to other countries, you can journey into the deeper and more remote places within your sensual and sexual being. It’s a vacation like no other. Simply peruse the wonderful men in our gallery and then pick the treatment you would most like to experience. Before long, your ‘holiday’ will have begun as you and your therapist undress in private and prepare to make magic. No need to worry about tickets and passports, brushing up foreign phrases or researching local places of interest. All you have to do is show up.
Gay massage, using a combination of Swedish, deep-tissue and body-to-body manoeuvres, will renew and restore you just as abundantly as a trip overseas but with far less hassle. You won’t be herded along a queue in customs, treated like cattle by overzealous, self-satisfied, jumped-up airport officials. Your mind and body will be honoured and worshipped by a strong, fully trained man, God-like in appearance and with a profoundly sensual nature. As his hands work they way around you, tending to the places that have gone unloved for too long, you’ll be soaring through skies of rapture and enchantment, before diving down to land softly on shores of soft pleasure. Like large ocean rollers, waves of jubilation will crash upon you, as your therapist takes you close and close to that place of explosive release, edging you gradually to the point of no return.


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