Are Tantric Massages Cheating?

Of all the people that are currently interested in having a tantric massage London, you’d be surprised to know that most of them are not single. This of course brings up the question “Are tantric massages cheating?” and the answer is: it depends on your view of them and your relationship.1461419024_staff_543_571b7c104fd31

The first thing to understand whether you think these massages are cheating or not is that they’re not about sexual intercourse and there is no sexual intercourse. There is at no point in the massage where a masseuse will insert a penis into her body. This is a full body massage, however, and it’s very pleasurable so orgasms may happen or they may not… it all depends on the client and how they feel with the massage. If an orgasm doesn’t happen this doesn’t mean the massage hasn’t been done properly but simply that the client’s satisfaction came from elsewhere. The point of the massage itself is to stimulate the pleasure senses of the body and that doesn’t just include one thing… of course sensual pleasure is one of the most important but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one being looked after.

Either way cheating sometimes has nothing to do with what’s physically done or not. Most of the time people get upset at cheating because trust has been broken somehow in the relationship. Whether you’re a man or a woman being open and honest about what you’re doing is the best way to avoid having your partner’s feelings hurt. Don’t hide the fact that you’re getting a massage, explain why you feel you need one and remind your partner that if you wanted to leave them or to have fun elsewhere massages aren’t exactly where you would go for that. Still, it is vital for your partner to be involved and know what’s happening to avoid their minds filling in the details. Honesty is very important in Tantra and you also wouldn’t want to put your masseuse at risk by lying to her and your partner. Whether you’re married, single or anywhere in between you can enjoy massages and their benefits but it’s important for everyone to know what’s going on and why.

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What is Ecstasy

Other than it being an illegal substance, ecstasy is a place where you can go not just legally but often. As many fun things that started in the 1970’s the name Ecstasy was given to the drug to increase the probabilities of it being bought by recreational consumers. But in fact the drug had been used since the 1910’s in medicine. The drug was originally given the name Adam because it seemed to reduce people to a more primordial and innocent state.

This, of course, matches with the concept of ecstasy that comes from Tantra which was 1453745108_staff_101_56a663d48e706the ultimate state practitioners of the art were after. Ecstasy was the tantric equivalent of Nirvana and it was said that when a person was able to reach ecstasy they would indeed connect themselves to their more primordial being and find themselves feeling childlike, with lowered inhibitions, full access to the range of emotions we tend to shun as adults and an overall feeling of being ‘connected’ to the world around us. Tantric advocates believe that reaching this place is simple as long as you follow the knowledge that Tantra puts out there. This knowledge became popular in the 60’s and 70’s with the rising interest in Buddhism, pacifism and ancient forms of meditation and knowledge, like meditation and yoga.

The ‘free love’ movement also helped tantric believers, massages and practices all over the globe. The use of Ecstasy sky rocketed due to the fact that was marketed as a short cut to get to that place where you felt truly happy and engorged in pleasure. Of course, much like Marihuana, it is now known that there are no shortcuts to Nirvana and Ecstasy and that you simply have to do the work. If you want to reach Ecstasy and reach it often then you need to learn how to control your impulses, your energy and your sensuality. There are many tantric massage agencies and outcalls in London (one such agency that I’d highly recommend being Guilty Pleasures) so if you’re interested in continuing on a tantric and satisfying journey in a way that’s safe, legal and fun then all you need to do is book an appointment with a reputable place and begin your journey to Ecstasy.

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Book a tantric massasge with Bliss Tantric

Have you been looking for a tantric agency which actually offers the service they advertise? Are you sick off booking a tantric massage and leaving your booking incredibly disappointed. Well that’s a thing off the past because Bliss tantric has come and they are here to make sure that you have the best tantric massage in London. Each one of the girls that work Bliss Tantric are expertly trained in tantric, nuru, yoni, couples and prostate massage.

As all of the girls at Bliss Tantric have been trained by some off the best tantra masseuses they know exactly what they have to do to help you reach the peak of relaxation. They do this by targeting a number of different muscles which they will use to help you relax. While they are relaxing you through massaging a number of muscles they will also be working on stimulation your senses so you get a completely relaxing experience.

Agencies such as Bliss Tantric have been popping up all over London over the last couples of years but there is something that not all of them do. When you are booking with Bliss Tantric you get a guarantee that your masseuse is going to be exactly who you book and she is going to present herself in a professional manor.

If you are interested in working as a tantric masseuses in London then working at a place like Bliss Tantric is the best option. You do actually have to have some training in the are of tantra massage which you can speak to the people at Bliss Tantric about and they will make sure you meet there standards before you go on your first booking. You can check out there website for all requirements to work with them.

If you would simply like to book an escort with them then head to there website and check out all of the girls they have to offer as they have a number of outstanding masseuses working with them all over London.


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Jump Start your Health

Health is something that’s constantly on everyone’s mind. It seems that no matter what we photo-1445451983996-ac6b92ffb1fbdo we’re constantly obsessing over our wellbeing. You’d think that with all the wonderful things we have available to us in the western world health would almost be a given at this point. Instead we find that more and more people are finding meeting their basic needs to keep themselves healthy such a big problem doctors are richer than ever. Prescription medication, psychiatrists and aches and pains have become a common denominator in our everyday life.  It would seem that with all the technology, information and time saving devices we have available these problems would be a thing of the past. But the truth of the matter is more and more, we’re forgetting how to take care of ourselves.

Contrary to popular belief health does not begin at a doctor’s office. That’s a modern idea. Health actually begins at home. Getting adequate nutrition is part of the problem. With all the processed and artificial foods around it’s quite common for people’s health to decline due to eating the wrong kinds of things. Clean eating is the key to boosting your immune system and bettering your health.

Along with good nutrition stress is another factor that seems to have invaded our lives like a whirlwind. The constant worries and lack of sleep have made us a generation of stressed insomniacs. Battling stress seems to cause even more stress. Having leisure time is of utmost importance in our lives and allowing time to relax is key to help us live fulfilling and healthy lives. A good way to get some relaxation is to book a tantric massage from London Tantric. The process to book is easy and fast and within an hour of a sensual massage you’ll feel yourself capable of anything. It’s quick, easy, fun, sexy and a good way to jumpstart your health in a natural way.

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How to keep your escort booking a secret

Every women will react differently when they find out that there long-term boyfriend or husband has been seeing an escort behind there back. This is because many women are not willing to share their man with someone else. If you are someone who actively books time with a London escort then you are probably going to want to keep it secret. Spending time with a London escort instead of your wife or girlfriend is perfectly fine and if you want to keep it a secret follow these tactics.

Step One to keep your bookings a secretf84a3a01

Most women are naturally suspicious of their partner its just something that comes with dating them. This is just because they want to make sure that there man is faithful to them. Your partner is going to notice if you make any sudden changes and this will throw up a red light. When you are dating someone you know it’s them even with your eyes closed because you have gotten used to every aspect of them so don’t be surprised if your partner notices even the smallest amount of perfume on you.

The second tip to keep your bookings a secretphoto-1451968362585-6f6b322071c7

Prevention is always the best option. Making sure you minimize any risk before your booking is a great idea as you are less likely to get caught. One thing to stay away from is telling your wife/girlfriend that you joined a new team unless you want to wash a kit after every escort booking. One thing I do recommend though is a secondary mobile phone, this can just be a basic mobile but it will help a lot in the long run. Having a second phone is great as you can leave it at work or the gym but still use it to book your London escort.

If you are going to book an escort in London then we recommend going with an escort agency that specialises in providing a discreet such as Companion Concierge. Also keep these 3 thing in mind to make sure that you can go ahead with your booking meticulous planning, smart communication and impeccable financial planning.

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Must Try Locations With Your London Escorts

When you choose to browse our site and are thinking of making a booking with one of the glamorous escorts that we have so many of you should most certainly remember the level of class these ladies uphold. As you can see if you have browsed our London escorts gallery all the girls we choose to work alongside are blessed with amazing amounts of natural beauty but these girls are all very sophisticated women that love their jobs, choosing which companion is the correct one for you certainly isn’t the easiest task with the array of beauty that we have listed on our site but when you pick your dream London escorts choosing the location in which you wish to enjoy their company can make or break or booking.


After you have chosen the companion you want to spend your time with the next decision can be even harder, where do you and your London escorts go to enjoy your booking? With London being one of the most affluent cities you will come by its hard to pick out one establishment with the amount of jaw dropping venues this city has become so famous for over the years. Some people choose to get to know their London escorts over dinner which can be an experience you will savour every minute of, if this sounds like the way you would like to enjoy your booking the a restaurant like Zuma is the ideal place for you to enjoy a stunning London escorts company.


Not everyone chooses restaurants which is understandable with the little privacy that is on offer when dining at a high class restaurant, if you are the kind of person that would prefer to enjoy the company of your London escorts in a more private and intimate surroundings then you will much prefer booking a hotel room for you and your companion. The Dorchester is a location anyone would love to enjoy a stay in with the luxury each of the rooms they provide to their every customer, these rooms really are fit for royalty so your intimate and relaxed booking will be one you certainly won’t forget any time soon.


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How to Impress a Shemale Bayswater Escort

Bayswater is a very affluent and popular district of London which has brought a lot of tourists and businessmen to this district, the Shemale Bayswater escorts have become increasingly popular to, so here is a short list on how to impress a Shemale Bayswater Escort;

Start off with a fancy dinner 

Dinner is always the best way to get to know your Shemale Bayswater Escort and also quite the romantic occasion, don’t worry about your Shemale Bayswater Escort not turning up as she is 100% guaranteed to show up because she loves a man who chooses her over many others. She’ll also turn up in the most lavish and expensive clothing to try to impress you as she really wants your attention, she also only has eyes for you even though there will be many men looking at her.

Next head to town! 

Spending your hard earned money on your chosen Shemale Bayswater Escort will definitely impress her and will give her a great impression of you, not only that but you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more when you’re drinking with such an absolute beauty you’ll never forget the night you experienced with her. One of the many thing you’ll realise is that she is quite the intellectual conversationalist, boasting physical perfection and intellectual relatability that you won’t find with any other woman.

What’s next is up to you 

Why not book a hotel and prepare yourself for a seductively kinky night with your Shemale Bayswater Escort, we can imagine you’ll get up to a lot but that’s all we’ll be doing is imagining because, we don’t know as out girls are some of the most reputable and discreet, meaning they won’t tell a soul what conspired that night. Another thing we must mention is that our girls are the best of the best at their profession, as we have received so many clients either returning or new. Please treat our girls with respect because we know that they reward good boys.

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Majingos escorts Gentleman to heaven in Canary Wharf

What better way to spend a delightful evening than watching some of the most stunning, sensual and sultry sirens strut their stuff in Canary Wharf? With their toned figures and seraphic features, they are oh so skilled in the sublime art of seduction of which Exclusive Company Canary Wharf escorts match in every way with their perfect petite figures. Majingos Gentleman’s Club, 556 Commercial Rd, Canary Wharf London E14 7JD, is undoubtedly one of the best establishments of its ilk. Open from Mondays to Fridays the interior is tastefully decorated with a real luxurious feel in a fabulous art deco style, it’s the best establishment to while away a few hours entertaining your corporate clients, or spending a few enjoyable hours with one or more beautiful and sexy Canary Wharf escorts from the very professional and elite Exclusive Company escort agency in Canary Wharf.

Majingos gentlemans club

Is there a better way to unwind? Is there anything more titillating than watching a steamy striptease performed by a flawless paragon of femininity? Once your temptress has peeled off her outer garments you can enjoy a private dance just for your own enjoyment. If you are spending the evening here you are bound to get peckish at some point, there is a selection of tasty treats and snacks to choose from and you can wash it down with a bubbling glass of the finest fizz. Majingo’s Gentleman’s’ Club is the perfect place to host a private party, whether you are planning an evening of drinks and fine entertainment for a few friends are a soiree for up to two hundred and fifty people.

Why just spend an evening with the delicious dancers? Majingos offers a range of membership packages which means you can attend again and again and soak in the sights in a greater degree of luxury. The VIP package offers complimentary car service to the venue (for a party of three or more), preferential admission and access to exclusive VIP special offers. You may find locating Majingos is a little tricky, it’s discreetly located above a Waterfront Bar just five minutes away from the bustling Canary Wharf District, ideally located for hard-working business men to visit and unwind at the end of a busy day in the office.

Majingos strip club logo

Once you have found Majingos, you will not have to worry about scrambling for a seat, although this establishment is busy the interior is suave and spacious and there is plenty of room for all of the revellers to enjoy their evening. Whether you are looking for a place to spend an evening alone with a Canary Wharf escorts whilst the gorgeous entertainers dance for your pleasure, or you are looking for a more rambunctious evening with friends this is definitely an establishment where you will want to relax and unwind.

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Suitable Locations To Take Your Elite London Escorts

London as a city has an incredible amount of high class locations, if you are looking to book elite London escorts then you have plenty of choices of high class locations in the city of London. Choosing a location to take your elite London escorts all comes down to the kind of person you are maybe you’re the type of person that would enjoy a meal with your companion, if this sounds like your cup of tea then you should try the Clos Maggiore. This restaurant is the only place to be when it comes to French cuisine in the capital city, this is ideal to be accompanied by one of the most stunning elite London escorts for a meal that will feel like you’re in the heart of France that’s how good this establishment is, you will struggle to find anywhere in London that supplies food like this.

closs maggiore

Maybe being in a high class environment surrounded by people isn’t really your sort of thing which is understandable well don’t panic because London has much more to offer for you and your Elite London escorts. If you prefer your privacy then maybe a hotel would be more up your street, if this is the case then you should try the London Marriot Hotel Grosvenor Square. This 5 star hotel is truly the epitome of luxury, the rooms that they provide here are some of the most luxurious you will come across anywhere which makes it perfect for you to indulge in the privacy of your own room with your elite London escorts for an all-round impeccable experience.

london marriote

London is also famous for having quite the nightlife, if you think of yourself as someone that enjoys to have a good party then a nightclub that is a must try in the capital city is the Ministry Of Sound. This is perfect for you to take elite London escorts for a night of partying.

ministry of sound

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Best Restaurants in Bayswater

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine and you’re in the Bayswater area you need to try Italian Pizza Connection, this establishment serves up some of the best traditional Italian food made with only the best of fresh ingredients and all their bread and dough used for pizzas is prepared on site daily making for some of the best pizzas in the whole of the capital. This establishment has really warm and cosy feel about it making it perfect to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Bayswater escorts for a delicious meal before venturing into more private surroundings to enjoy the time of your life.


A great restaurant to visit in the Bayswater area is named the Bel Canto, this restaurant is very original and the perfect spot for all opera lovers to enjoy some delicious Italian cuisine. Every 15 minutes someone will be performing some incredible opera for you enjoy while enjoying your incredible meal, it gets better these singers aren’t just singers they are all also waiters so you’ve got to be pretty talented to work here to say the least. This is the perfect spot to be joined by one of the most beautiful Bayswater escorts for some delicious Italian cuisine accompanied with a great night of entertainment from the opera singers.


If your looking for something a little original to try why not go for some Austrian cuisine at the Tiroler Hut in Bayswater. This place was established back in 1967 and is still to this day one of the best Austrian restaurants in the capital, this restaurant is very Austrian themed as well with all staff wearing traditional Austrian dresses. The restaurant also supplies some great traditional Austrian entertainment with such things as, Yodelling, Accordion and the highly original Tirolean Cow Bell Show. This would be the right spot to be joined by one of the most eye-catching and sophisticated Bayswater escorts from agencies like Rachaels London escorts.

tirloer hut bayswater

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